Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before booking a holiday.
We’ve kept them as simple as possible. The small print is never the easiest reading but it is important.

These Booking Terms and Conditions form the basis of Your contract with the Owner. By making any booking with us You confirm that You accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them.

We recommend that you print or save a copy of these Booking Terms and Conditions for Your reference.

1) The Role of St Davids Escapes

1.1 We are the agent for the Property and do not own or maintain the properties. We make the rental arrangements on behalf of the Owner, who with their housekeeper or other people, are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance.

The Rental Arrangements are made by us on behalf of the Owners and the contractual relationship is between You and the Owner.


2) Definitions

To make these Booking Terms and Conditions easier to read, We use the following definitions:

Arrival Date: The first date of the booking.

Booking Confirmation: The confirmation of booking provided by email from Us (the Agent) to You (the Customer) when a booking has been accepted, confirming the Booking.

Booking Deposit: The deposit payable to secure a booking, which shall be:

  1. a) 20% of the Total tariff for the Booking (rounded up to the nearest £1) if the booking form is submitted more than 56 days prior to the Start Date, or
  2. b) if the booking form is submitted less that 56 days prior to the Start Date, 100% of the Total Tariff and 100% of the Security Deposit (if on is applicable).

Booking Form: The online form that You will fill in online as part of the booking process or, if You are booking over the phone by Us on Your behalf.

Booking Fee: A non-fundable booking fee of £20 (including VAT) is applied to the price of every new booking.

Guest(s): The individuals that will occupy the Property for the Hire Period as have been notified by the Hirer to St Davids Escapes in accordance with these Conditions

Hirer: The person who makes a booking with Us to hire the Property.

Owner: The Owner of the Property.

Price: The Price to hire the Property (excluding any Security Deposit).

Property: The house (and garden, if any) identified in the Booking Confirmation together with the fixtures, furniture and effects at the Property.

Rental Period: The rental period specified in the Booking Confirmation.

St Davids Escapes, We, Our or Us: St Davids Escapes is the trading name of St Davids Escapes Limited. The business is registered at 3 Noddfa Dewi, St.Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6PB, Wales.

Security Deposit: The sum identified on the Booking Form payable by the Customer in respect of the Property.

Website: St Davids Escapes Holiday Letting Website www.stdavidsescapes.co.uk

You, Your or the Customer: The person named on the Booking Form.


3) Description, Illustration and advertising

3.1 We make every effort to ensure that the descriptions (including Prices and Availability) relating to the Properties and Rental Services on Our Website or in other sales materials are accurate and complete.

3.2 To the best of Our Knowledge the details relating to any Property described on Our Website were correct at the time of insertion. If We discover a mistake or error relating to this information We will correct this promptly on our website and will contact you if that information relates to a Booking that you have already made using Our Website.

3.3 Images of the Property on the Website are for illustrative purposes only. Occasionally the exteriors, furniture, furnishings and room layouts of the Property may differ from the photographs on Our Website.

3.4 We reserve the right to amend the Price quoted for the Property in advertising material due to omission, error or changes in VAT rate and to make changes to the Booking Fee.

3.5 All photographs and property descriptions are the property of St Davids Escapes and cannot be used for any purpose whatsoever by any other party unless by prior written authority by St Davids Escapes.

4) Booking and Payment of Booking Deposit

4.1 You are responsible for checking the Booking Confirmation and any error therein must be notified to Us within 24 hours of the Booking being made. As soon as the Booking Confirmation is sent, You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under Your name or account.

5) Payment of Rental Fee

5.1 Payment of the Rental Fees and additional charges are due to St Davids Escapes 56 days before the first day of the Rental Period. If there is a Refundable Security Deposit applicable to the Property this must be paid with the balance. Please refer to point 19 on refunding of Security Deposit.

Non-payment by the Due Date may be treated as Cancellation.

5.2 If the Balance of the Rental Fees is not paid by the Customer on the Due Date, then following consultation with the Owner, We can cancel the Contract on behalf of the Owner and reserve the right to re-let the Property. St Davids Escapes shall retain the Booking Deposit and Booking Fee and You will have no claim against Us or the Owner for compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.

5.3 St Davids Escapes shall not be responsible for sending reminders of the Due Date. The Due Date will be set out on the Booking Confirmation.

6) Changing a Booking

6.1 We will endeavor, but are under no obligation, to consider a request from You to change the Rental Period after it has been confirmed and accepted. The booking can only be changed to another Property by cancelling the original booking in accordance with clause 7.

7) Cancellation of a Booking by You

7.1 If You have to cancel Your booking you must let us know in writing as soon as possible.  On receipt of such notice We will use reasonable endeavours to re-let the Property. 

7.2 If We are successful We will refund You Your payments to date (or part if We are only able to re-let the cottage for part of your rental period or have to give a discount to sell it) less any booking fees and £100.00 per booking to cover our administration and re-marketing costs.

7.3 If we are not able to re-let the cottage, you will be liable to pay 100% of the total price.

7.4 In all cases we will return the Security Deposit in full.

St Davids Escapes does not offer cancellation insurance, but strongly recommends that Customers take out cancellation insurance in relation to their booking.

 7.5 Where You have taken out cancellation insurance and cancel a Contract with St Davids Escapes, the cancellation must be notified St Davids Escapes in writing. Should a cancellation be made which is not covered in full under the terms of cancellation insurance, You remain liable for any monies owed.

8) Cancellation of a Booking by Us and Owners

8.1 We may cancel Your Booking on an Owners behalf if:

  1. We become aware of any health and safety or quality-related issue with the Property or its immediate surroundings (for example contamination to the Property’s water supply);
  2. Our Agency Agreement with the relevant Owner terminates due to a breach by the Owner;
  3. There are circumstances or events beyond the Owners reasonable control (see point 21), We may (but are not obliged to):
    1. Arrange alternative accommodation for You of an equivalent type and standard in a similar location. We will not be liable for any cost associated with arranging alternative accommodation and such alternative may be subject to the payment of additional charges by You if the Rental Charges for the alternative accommodation are higher than those of the cancelled Booking
    2. Refund You any amounts paid by You in relation to the cancelled booking.

9) Rental Period – Arrival & Departure Times

9.1 Rental of the Property and associated parking space(s) commence at 4.30pm on the first day of the Rental Period and end at 9.30am on the last day of the Rental Period.

9.2 Please do not arrive earlier or depart later than these times, unless you have received written consent to do so from St Davids Escapes. You will be liable for any cost of whatever nature incurred because of an unauthorized extension.

10) Owners Obligations during the Rental Period

10.1 The Owner agrees that You may quietly occupy and enjoy the Property during the Rental Period.

10.2 The Owner shall provide the Facilities at the Property and ensure the Property is properly maintained, clean, tidy and in good repair at the start of the Rental Period.

11) Customers Obligations during the Rental Period

You Agree to:

  1. Make sure that all the information You provide to us in connection with Your Booking is true, accurate, current and complete. If any of Your details change, You must promptly update Your details;
  2. Use the Property as a private holiday residence for the maximum number of people stated on the Booking Confirmation and shall ensure that the people named on the Booking Confirmation are the only persons entitled to occupy the Property. The Owners reserves the right to terminate without notice and without refund for a breach of this condition;
  3. Keep the Property and all furniture, fittings and contents in the same state of repair and condition as the commencement of the Rental Period and to ensure that at the end of Rental Period the Property is left in the same state of order and cleanliness in which it was found;
  4. Not do anything that may cause any disturbance or be considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to the Owner or to any neighbours, and to keep things quiet before 8am and after 11pm;
  5. Be responsible for all damage caused to the Property (including the Owner’s fixtures, fittings and effects);
  6. Report to the Housekeeper, Owner or to Us (by phone, text or email), any damage, destruction, loss, defect or disrepair affecting the Property or any fixtures, fittings or effects at the Property as soon as it comes to Your attention;
  7. Take care when using fake tan, sun cream, waterproof make-up, hair dye or similar substances in the Property because they may mark or stain linen, towels or other furnishings. If You plan to use such products at the Property We recommend that you bring Your own spare bedding and towels. If damage is caused that cannot be cleaned a deduction will be made from the Security Deposit where applicable, or a bill will be forwarded to You where one is not applicable;
  8. Not smoke inside, or any area around the property. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all of the properties listed on St Davids Escapes Website;
  9. Be responsible for placing any rubbish in the correct bags and location for collection as per the individual Property’s waste collection instructions. We reserve the right to pass on any charges resulting from incorrect disposal of rubbish;
  10. In cases of emergency, allows Us, The Owner, or anyone with the Owner’s authority to enter the Property at any time and without notice;
  11. Allow Us, the Owner or its representative (together with the Owner’s Housekeeper and any Tradespeople) necessary access to enter the Property at reasonable times of the day to inspect its condition and state of repair and to carry out any necessary repairs provided We have given reasonable notice (with regard to the work to be undertaken) beforehand and You shall not interfere with or obstruct any such persons;
  12. Notify all Guests before the Rental Period starts of Your and their obligations under this;
  13. Ensure You, Your guests and any pets have the relevant travel and health documents and requirements needed;
  14. Not light or permit any naked flame or candle at the Property except fitted gas hobs where these are present;
  15. Only park vehicles in the designated parking spaces provided, such vehicles to be parked at Your own risk;
  16. Not to take towels provided for Guest use to the beach or other outdoor location.

12) Dogs

12.1 Dogs are welcome in some Properties at an extra charge of £25 per dog per week or short break. If Dogs are permitted at the Property; You agree:

  1. That You are deemed responsible for the actions of the dog;
  2. Not to allow Dogs in bedrooms or upstairs;
  3. To keep Dogs off all furniture, beds and soft furnishings;
  4. To only bring Dogs that are housed trained, clean and up to date with flea prevention treatment;
  5. That Dogs will be toweled thoroughly before coming indoors after being wet, using towels provided by You;
  6. That Dogs will be kept under control at all times and will not be or cause any nuisance to any person;
  7. To not leave dogs alone in a Property at any time;
  8. To pick up after Dogs at all times;
  9. To take exceptional care to check garden areas when You leave the Property;
  10. To provide a bed/dog basket for the dog to sleep in
  11. To clear all hair up left by the Dog before departure

12.2 You will be required to vacate the property immediately, without refund, if You are in breach of any part of these conditions 12 1-11

12.3 If a Property does not accept dogs or other pets, this does not guarantee that there have never been dogs or pets at the Property. Guests with allergies should be aware that the Owner cannot guarantee that there have been no dogs/pets at the Property nor does the Owner accept any liability for any suffering, which may occur as a result of such dogs/pets having been present.

12.4 Registered Guide and Hearing dogs are welcomed by St Davids Escapes, but where a property does not ordinarily accept a dog, St Davids Escapes (as an agent acting on behalf of the Owner) must verify whether the Property can accommodate dogs with the Owner before confirming the booking.

Sorry no other pets are allowed.

13) Lost Property

13.1 Lost Property will be held for a period of 1 week from the Departure Date. Items will be returned to You if requested, at a cost of £10.00 plus postage and packaging. We cannot accept responsibility for the safe carriage of any items returned. Items of food and drink will not be returned.

14) Accessibility

14.1 Please take reasonable steps to ensure that the Property You book is suitable for Your needs. Please ensure You familiarise Yourself with the Property access, facilities, layout, grounds and/or garden so that You can make a fully informed decision about a Property’s suitability to Your requirements, needs and taste prior to making a confirmed booking. Please call St Davids Escapes should You require further clarification.

15) WiFi

15.1 We recommend all Our properties provide WiFi for Guests and it will be made clear in the Description whether the Property You have booked includes WiFi. However, no warranty is given as to the speed of the WiFi service nor its reliability as the factors vary considerably according to location, service provider and other factors.

15.2 WiFi service is provided with the expectation that speeds/data allowance may be limited and no compensation of data usage.

15.3 WiFi may not be available at all times and is provided for pleasure and not business purposes. Bookings cannot be accepted if they are reliant on the provision of uninterrupted and unlimited provision of WiFi.

15.4 When using the internet at the Property, You agree to Comply with all current legislation pertaining to and regarding the use of electronic data in using the internet provided by the Owner. We, nor the Owner cannot accept liability for loss or damage to Your data, or accept responsibility or liability for the Guests inappropriate or illegal use of the internet.

16) Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

16.1 EV’s must only be charged using EV Charge Points, if a property has a EV charging point it will be advertised on the webpage for that property.
16.2 Properties do not offer EV charging unless there is a EV-specified charge point and the usage of the EV charge point has been agreed by the owner in advance.
16.3 EV’s Vehicles must NOT under any circumstance be charged using a domestic 13 amp socket.
16.4 If the property you have booked does not have an EV charing point, you must charge your car at a public charing station.
16.5 Domestic sockets cannot provide the strength of voltage required to charge an EV and it poses a serious risk to the circuit board by doing so. You may be asked to leave the property if you are found to be charging your car in this way, and/or cover any damages or expenses occurred from this.

17) Limitation of Liability

17.1 As We are acting purely as agent for the Owner and do not have any control over the Property or the Owner, We shall not be liable for: –

17.2 Any sickness, injury, loss, damage, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the Property and its appearance, plumbing, gas, electrical or otherwise exceptional weather conditions or owner negligence.

17.3 Highchairs, cots, stairgates and any other items for babies or young children that have been provided at the Property are used at the discretion of the Guest and neither We or the Owner are responsible for any damage or injury caused by usage.

17.4 Further, no responsibility is accepted for the personal property (including pets), or the cars and contents belonging to You or any member of the Party during the Rental Period.

18) Health & Safety

18.1 For Your Safety, it is important that You read and adhere to the important information within Your Holiday Property. We ask that Guests who stay in a Property take a few moments on arrival to think about their safety. In particular We ask that Guests should:

  1. Check the layout of the Property, so that in an emergency You and Your party can get out quickly and easily;
  2. Check the locations of the fire extinguishers and fire blanket and read the instructions for use;
  3. Read and take note of specific safety information provided in the Property.

If You have any concerns about the safety of the Property, You should contact St Davids Escapes immediately.

19) Building Work

19.1 Neither the Owner nor St Davids Escapes can be held responsible for any buildings or road workings, which may be carried out close to Your Property. Where we are aware of any anticipated works, We will endeavour to advise You in advance.

20) Returnable Security Deposit

20.1 Please note that certain Properties on the Website require payment of a Security Deposit.

20.2 The Security Deposit is due on the same date as the Final Payment is due.

The Security Deposit will be held by Us and applied against any costs incurred by Us or the Owner in relation to Your stay.

20.3 The Property shall be checked following Your departure. We will report to You in writing within 7 days of departure, with details of the damages/loss incurred and/or additional cleaning costs with an indication of any possible deductions along with photographic evidence (where applicable). The Balance will then be returned to You less any deductions.

20.4 All disputes regarding Security Deposits are between the Guest(s) and the Owner and We accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regards to the Security Deposit.

21) Complaints Procedure

21.1 St Davids Escapes have carefully inspected the standard of facilities in all Properties but cannot accept responsibility for any changes made by the Owner since the inspection, or failure by the owner to keep the property dry, clean and in good repair.

21.2 If any issues arise during Your stay that You feel give You cause for complaint please contact the Owner or Caretaker immediately. We encourage all Owners to take complaints from Guests seriously and to do their best to resolve them where possible.

21.3 If a satisfactory solution is not attained You should then contact St Davids Escapes. We will use Our reasonable endeavors to resolve any complaints on behalf of the Owner but, in accordance with condition 1.1, accept no liability for Our actions all of which are performed on behalf of the Owner who shall be solely liable.

In no circumstances will compensation be given for complaints made after departure from the Property.

22) Events outside Our control

22.1 We and the Owner shall have no liability to You for any failure in respect of the Booking or for any damage or defects that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond Our and the Owner’s reasonable control including, without limitation, any disturbance that is caused from neighbouring properties, building works, local attractions (such as village parades or fair), strikes, internet access, lock outs and other industrial disputes, a breakdown of systems or network access, flood, fire, explosion or accident.

23) Communication and Information

23.1 St Davids Escapes will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any directions issued by the Information Commissioner in the processing of such personal data.

23.2 You agree that St Davids Escapes may process your personal data in this way and may need to pass Your personal data on to Housekeepers (name, occupancy numbers and bedding requests and mobile phone numbers in case of emergencies).

23.3 We may email You with information and offers from time to time and agree to take You off our mailing list if You ask us to. The ability to opt out of this information will be available at all times.

23.4 We will not pass Your personal information on to other companies or organisations.

23.5 We reserve the right to publish in marketing materials any comments that You might make in the Guest Book provided in the Property.

23.6 Please refer to Our Privacy Policy to review Our data protection and privacy statement which details in full how We use Your personal data.

24) Early Termination

24.1 This Agreement may be cancelled before the end of the Holiday by St Davids Escapes giving You notice only in the event that You are in material breach of these Booking Terms and Conditions and may recover the possession of the Property.

25) General

25.1 Unless otherwise agreed by Us, You cannot transfer Your rights under these terms to someone else.

25.2 The contract between the Owner and the Customer shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. Each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of England and Wales shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute of claim arising out of or in connection with the Contract or its subject matter or formation (including non contractual disputes or claims).

25.3 These Booking Terms and Conditions replace and supersede all previous issues.

Updated: 24th August 2022