Pembrokeshire is the ultimate holiday destination all year round. Beach days in the summer, cosy evenings in winter and the coast path blooming come spring. But what about autumn? Here are some of our favourite reasons to fall in love with Pembrokeshire this Autumn.


Coast path walks are that much Quieter

At this time of year, it’s possible to walk for miles along the coast path without seeing a single person. It feels as though the path is all yours, the hidden coves are deserted and the birds swoop and call interrupted. It is blissful, all with the possibility of that autumn sun shining on it all.


The Beaches can be wild and wonderful

The beaches too are quieter, and ideal for a stroll. During autumn, they can be warm and flooded with sunshine. We much prefer it though, when they show glimpses of their winter wildness. When the wind gets up, the waves crash and the rivulets blow asunder, that’s when the wild beauty of Pembrokeshire truly hits. There’s nothing better than getting all wrapped up for such a sight, and then retreating to cosy up.


There are plenty of pubs to cosy up in

And there are so many places to do so! On the St Davids Peninsula, there are lots of cosy, traditional coastal pubs in which to settle in for an afternoon of great food, drink and board games next to a fire. The Bishops in St Davids is a lovely option if you’re in the tiny city itself. In Solva, head to The Harbour Inn, perhaps after a walk over the Gribbin.


It’s a dog’s paradise

The summer dog ban on Whitesands lifts on September 30th, and after that, there’s simply nothing stopping your four-legged friend from enjoying all that the St Davids Peninsula has to offer! Bound along the beaches, splash in the sea, wander the coast path and sleep it all off under a table in a warm dog-friendly restaurant as you enjoy your supper. We recommend St Davids Cross Hotel for that last bit!


The water is beginning to get chilly

If you like your holiday with a bit of extra thrill, then it may be time to embrace the chill! Cold water dipping gradually gets all the more colder from now, but autumn is the perfect time to start. The water still holds some of it’s warmth gained over the summer, but has cooled off enough to be utterly thrilling! Always swim with others. The North Pembrokeshire Bluetits swim all over, and it’s worth joining their group to get some company.


Sunday lunch at The Refectory at St Davids Cathedral

Sunday lunches are back

There’s nothing like a good Sunday lunch, is there? It’s especially delicious after a long walk on the wonderful Pembrokeshire coast. Wondering where’s best to go to get your roast potato fix? We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! Here’s our run down of the best places for Sunday lunch in Pembrokeshire.


The surf is up

As the wind gets up and the swell comes in, Pembrokeshire’s surfers start to rub their hands with glee and head to the coast! Whether you’re an experienced surfer or new to riding the waves, Whitesands and Newgale are brilliant options to enjoy the surf. If you’re looking for lessons, Ma Simes in St Davids are one of the best around.


The wildlife is thriving

Fewer people on the coast mean the wildlife is all the clearer to see. Seals bob about just off the beaches, looking out for their pups who languish in coves – make sure to look from afar if you see one! Further inland, autumn is a great time to spot bats before they head to bed for the winter. Grab the binoculars to spot all sorts of birds that arrive this season.


The gorgeous Christmassy windows of Basalt & Dune in St Davids

Christmas shopping is a go!

For some, it’s still far too soon to be thinking about pressies this Christmas. For others, the stockings were stuffed months ago! If you’re somewhere in between, now is the time to enjoy the many independent shops stocked to the rafters with beautiful goods both local and hand picked from further afield. With the Cathedral ringing in the background, you’ll begin to feel that Christmas spirit!




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