There is a lot to love about Pembrokeshire, not least its rapidly growing, epic foodie scene. Restaurants serving beautifully prepared local ingredients and cafes brewing some of the best coffee around. There are also many local producers creating wonderful, innovative new goodies using and inspired by the wonders of Pembrokeshire. They not only help to create the rich tapestry of flavours here in Pembrokeshire but many will also deliver to your door!


Bug Farm Foods Cookies

Photo by Bug Farm Foods

Cookies from BUG FARM FOODS

Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm is a must-visit on a holiday to St Davids. Visitors can learn all about how bugs can be a sustainable and delicious food source, and they can prove it in their on-site restaurant. And now you can try their delicious Bug Cookies at home, or give them as a stocking filler! These are fantastic to try with all the family, and if you’re cynical about eating bugs, these will change your mind. They are truly delicious!

Shop for cookies here, alongside insect powder and whole insects with which to experiment in your own kitchen!


Halen Dewi Sea Salt

Photo by Halen Dewi

Salt from HALEN DEWI

This delicious salt is harvested using solar energy from Whitesands Bay, just outside St Davids. This not only means that you get the taste of Pembrokeshire but also many of the natural minerals present in the seawater will also make it to your plate! The original is beautiful, but our personal favourite is the salt with seaweed!

Try it for yourself at home by visiting their website.


Mrs Will The Fish Solva

Photo by Mrs Will The Fish

Seafood from MRS WILL THE FISH

Mrs Will The Fish prepares beautiful seafood platters with locally caught lobster, crab and prawns from her home in the harbour village of Solva. On a summer’s evening there is nothing better than enjoying one of these with a glass of chilled white wine and good friends. And you don’t have to be in Pembrokeshire to do so! These platters are now delivered all over South Wales. Find out more here.


Caerfai Cheese

Photo by The Welsh Cheese Company

Caerfai Cheese

Caerfai Farm is perched above Caerfai beach about a mile outside St Davids, where they produce their own exquisite cheese. It can be found on menus all around the county, and can be bought in their farm shop and many local delicatessens. A firm favourite with locals and visitors alike! If you’re further afield, you can order their delicious cheeses here from The Welsh Cheese Company!


Pointz Castle Ice Cream

Photo by Pointz Castle Ice Cream


A stunning coast path walk from Solva brings you to Pointz Castle, a beautiful little cove lovely for swimming and picnicking. However the highlight of a visit here lies at the dairy farm above! A barn has been converted into a lovely cafe serving their very own ice cream. And it is truly delicious! There’s nothing quite like grabbing a cone and walking down through the fields to the glistening sea below.


The Mount Milk, Solva

Photo by The Mount Milk


Another local dairy farm that is diversifying fantastically is Mount Farm, also just outside Solva! New for 2020, they have set up a vending machine at Bay View Stores in Solva, allowing you to fill up your own glass bottle with local milk fresh that morning! With just one mile from grass to glass, this is the most sustainable way to buy locally produced milk around.


St Davids Gin

Photo by St Davids Gin


These locally produced gins are infused with botanicals from Ramsey Island and seaweed from Whitesands Bay and St Justinians. You can’t get more local than that! A donation from each sale goes to the RSPB to help protect the wildlife on Ramsey. They have also just launched their new rum, in aid of the RNLI. Try them at St Davids Gin & Kitchen, a lovely restaurant in the centre of the city, or buy them online.


Mamgu Welshcakes, Solva

Photo by Mamgu Welshcakes


The welshcake is a staple of Pembrokeshire life, from holiday cottage welcome packs to elevating a simple cup of tea, you’ll find them everywhere. But no where will you find them quite like at Mamgu Welshcakes! The flavours are magic, and what they do with them at their cafe in Solva is divine. Leek and cheese welshcakes with beans and Caerfai cheese? Yes please! Chocolate and orange with a coffee? Beautiful. The great news is that you can order these online too!


The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co

Photo by The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co


Sprinkle some magic onto your dishes with all things seaweed from the genius Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company! From Mermaid Confetti to their famous Kelpchup, their products truly bring you the taste of Pembrokeshire. Their beachside street-food shack at Freshwater West is well worth the journey from St Davids on your visit, where you can sample what the ingredients can do at their finest! Until you can get there, you can buy online from their website. (Oh, and the rum is really good too!)


Got your mouth watering? Book your next trip to Pembrokeshire and get planning your foodie delights!




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