As the summer season approaches, you may want to seek out tranquil spots away from the crowds. If you’re looking to experience the serene beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast and immerse yourself in Welsh history without the hustle and bustle, this guide will lead you to lesser-known destinations. From quiet beaches and coves to hidden Welsh heritage sites and seasonal pop-ups, here’s how to get off the beaten track and make the most of your Pembrokeshire getaway.


Quiet Beaches and Coves

While popular beaches in Pembrokeshire offer their own charm, venturing off the beaten path allows you to discover hidden gems. One way to stumble upon these peaceful spots is by walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Alternatively, head to some of our favorite lesser-known beaches accessible only from the coast path. Porth Y Rhaw, Porth Melgan, Traeth Llfyn, and Gwadn are perfect examples of these hidden treasures. With limited access, you’re likely to find these beaches far quieter, providing a serene coastal escape away from the crowds.


Welsh Heritage

Pembrokeshire boasts a rich Welsh heritage, with popular attractions like St Davids Cathedral, Pembroke Castle, and Carew Castle drawing numerous visitors. There are also lesser-trodden spots where you can immerse yourself in Welsh history at your own pace. One such place is St Nons. A tranquil location associated with St David, the patron saint of Wales. Here, you can explore the ruins of St Non’s Chapel and visit the nearby holy well, surrounded by peaceful countryside. These lesser-known heritage sites offer a more intimate and personal experience, allowing you to connect with Wales’ past without the crowds.


Seasonal Pop-Ups

Pembrokeshire’s thriving foodie scene is well-known. While St Davids High Street and Solva Main Street are often bustling with food enthusiasts, seasonal pop-ups are a great way to discover hidden culinary delights. These temporary gems offer unique dining experiences that are off the beaten track. At The Courtyard at Pencarnan, indulge in delicious pizza and local craft beers on their roof top terrace overlooking Whitesands Bay. For mouthwatering burgers, you won’t want to miss Seaside Shack Burgers. If you’re craving some spice, Mr Funks Sri Lankan Curry offers authentic and tantalising dishes. And for a delightful breakfast or lunch, Bagels and Brews is the perfect spot. By seeking out these seasonal pop-ups, you’ll not only enjoy fantastic food but also support local businesses that add vibrant diversity to Pembrokeshire’s culinary landscape.


Alongside the popular attractions in Pembrokeshire, it’s well worth discovering the quieter side of this stunning coastal region. By venturing to these lesser-known locations, you’ll find tranquility, a deeper understanding of Welsh culture, and delightful culinary surprises. So, go ahead, step off the beaten track, and make the most of your Pembrokeshire adventure.

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