A holiday on the St Davids Peninsula is the perfect opportunity to embrace the slower pace of life and take in your surroundings. Fishing in Pembrokeshire is a perfect way to do so while getting in touch with the great outdoors.

Food is a big part of life in Pembrokeshire, and we really care where it comes from! Local butchers sell locally farmed meat, restaurants serve foraged herbs, and, of course, there’s the seafood. In the mornings, fishermen load their small boats and head out to pull in the day’s catch. This often ends up in restaurants on the same day, and makes this peninsula one of the best on which to eat fresh, local seafood.

If you fancy a spot of fishing while you’re here, read on for the best fishing trips to get some expert guidance.



Blue Shark Charters is a dedicated charter fishing vessel running from St Justinians, just outside St Davids. Skipper Pad is fantastically experienced and makes for a perfect guide and tutor if you need some extra help. They run a range of trips, from an hour and a half out into Ramsey Sound to catch a couple of mackerel for supper, to 8 hour long deep-sea fishing expeditions. There’s something for everyone, and you will return with lots of stories to tell.

Here in Pembrokeshire we are very aware of sustainability, and are deeply passionate about protecting our environment. Head here for Blue Shark Charters’ statement on sustainability, as well as some other FAQs.



Also running from St Justinians, Thousand Islands is a company that runs boat trips to and around Ramsey Island. They run brilliant fishing trips in the area, perfect for anyone of any level of experience. There’s nothing like reeling in your first catch while taking in the sparkling blue seas and surrounded by the whole family. The only thing that comes close is cooking it on the BBQ later! There’s a choice of a shorter trip to catch some mackerel, and a longer voyage with the chance of pollock, wrasse, coalfish, gurnard, codling, and even a bass.



If you find yourself on a day trip to Tenby during your family holiday, check out Tenby Fishing! Trips on their boat Summertime are geared up for beginners – children and adults alike. The trips are to catch mackerel in sheltered fishing grounds near Caldey Island (also well worth a visit!). The skipper Nigel will show you exactly how to prepare and cook your catch so you can enjoy it to its fullest.



Their tagline says it all – Fish, Forage and Feast in Pembrokeshire! They run a varied offering of kayak fishing trips, from sunset bass fishing to a full day out and lots in between. We recommend the Morning Catch and Cook! You’ll get the full experience of catching your fish and cooking it over an open fire, all first thing in the morning. You’ll be sure to talk about it for at least the rest of the day.



Setting out from Dale, Broadside offers fishing trips for all experience levels. Their 2-hour trip off St Ann’s Head is perfect if you’re a novice looking for a taster, while their 4 and 6 hour trips go further out to sea in search of more and larger fish. Whichever you choose, follow up your trip with a delicious seafood lunch at The Griffin Inn!


On the side…

So you’ve caught your main dish, and now you need some fantastic local ingredients to go with it! The Really Wild Emporium is born from Julia’s expertise in all things foraging, and they run expeditions from their HQ in St Davids. Head to Whitesands beach where they’ll tell you all about seaweed as an ingredient (or even a snack on its own!) or delve into wild plants and how they can be used.




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  1. Alison Yandall says:

    Hi, we are coming to Trefin for the week 21-28 October and we are considering booking a fishing trip from St Justinians for 3 or 4 people.
    Please let us know if you can arrange anything.
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