A harbour village nestled in a valley 3 miles from St Davids, Solva is a truly magical place with something for everyone. From some of the best restaurants in Pembrokeshire, more pubs than you could wish for and a whole host of independent retailers selling everything from fresh prawns to traditionally woven rugs, Solva has it all for your holiday! Here are some of our must-dos to add to your Solva Bucket List.


Eat freshly caught seafood

Crab Sandwiches Solva

Solva harbour in the summer is bustling, but all year round the village’s fishermen head out to pull their lobster pots. A few boats provide the village with beautiful seafood, and there are loads of ways to get your hands on some. For fantastic, imaginative dishes head to 35 Main Street, a cafe/restaurant serving fish and chips and so much more. Alternatively Mrs Will the Fish sells dressed crab, fresh prawns, lobster and her famous seafood platters from her kitchen! Perfect for a beach BBQ or picnic!


Visit the Gwadn

Round the corner from the harbour is the Gwadn, a secluded stone beach with views out across the bay. Walk over the Gribbin and stop to take in the panoramic views at the top before descending to the beach. Or if you’re feeling a little adventurous (and have some experience) swim or kayak around the corner with a picnic!



Walk to Pointz Castle

Pointz Castle

A stunning walk on the coast path takes you to Pointz Castle, a beautiful cove with a special dairy farm at the top of the valley serving ice cream made on-site from their own milk! Walks are always better when there’s ice cream at the end, aren’t they?


Go crabbing


Crabbing is an activity designed to keep kids entertained, but the adults will almost invariably get just as into it! Pick up a crabbing line from any shop selling outdoor gear, bait it with bacon and off you go! Hours of fun, guaranteed!


Eat a Cambrian Burger

The Cambrian Inn, Solva

At the lower end of Solva is the Cambrian Inn, a gastropub serving fantastic food. The star of their menu is the burger section, from the Fat Cow to the Fat Vegetarian, they are all huge, delicious and will definitely have you craving them for months afterwards!


Visit the Oldest Working Woollen Mill in Pembrokeshire

Solva Woollen Mill

Take a mile-long walk down the valley, along the river, and you’ll pass alpacas, see plenty of wildlife and eventually end up at Solva Woollen Mill. They’ve been weaving here for over 100 years, and as well as watching the looms at work, any lover of some retail therapy will swoon at their gorgeous shop filled with their own rugs alongside other Welsh textiles and some from other small mills around Britain.


Grab a pint

Solva is well known for its abundance of pubs, and so no visit would be complete with visiting at least one! The Harbour Inn takes in views of the river and harbour beyond, The Ship Inn boasts a river side beer garden, The Hat’s & Barrels’ terrace has tables next to the babbling river and the Cambrian, well, we’ve already mentioned the burgers!







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