As you explore Pembrokeshire, there’s one culinary delight that should be on every visitor’s must-try list: cawl. This hearty Welsh soup is a cherished dish of Pembrokeshire. It is the epitome of comfort and tradition, made with local meat (traditionally lamb, but sometimes ham) and seasonal vegetables. To ensure you don’t miss out on that all important bowl of cawl during your visit, we’ve put together a list of the five best restaurants and cafes in Pembrokeshire where you can find it.


Lakeview Cafe, Llys Y Fran

Enjoy a lovely view of the reservoir at Lakeview Cafe. Their cawl is made with local ingredients, giving you a taste of Pembrokeshire’s traditions. Take in the beautiful surroundings as you savour your meal, the perfect way to warm up after a walk around the lake.


The Bishops, St Davids

In the heart of St Davids, The Bishops mixes modern comforts with Pembrokeshire’s rich traditions. Try their lamb cawl to experience the taste of the smallest city in Britain. We recommend cosying up next to their roaring fire with a bowl of the good stuff.


Stopio, Narberth

Stopio in Narberth is not just a bike shop but also a craft cafe. Stop by for a unique cawl experience, blending local flavours with creative twists. The cosy atmosphere and crafty vibes make Stopio a must-visit in beautiful Narberth.


The Griffin Inn, Dale

The Griffin Inn in Dale combines history with a cosy atmosphere. Their cawl recipe tastes as though it has been passed down through generations, capturing the culinary traditions of Pembrokeshire. Enjoy a bowl by the fireplace in this welcoming pub.


The Ship Inn, Solva

Overlooking Solva’s river that runs to the scenic harbour, The Ship Inn connects the sea’s beauty with Pembrokeshire’s rich food. Try their ‘Cawl a Caws’ dish after a walk on the coast path, enjoying Pembrokeshire’s flavours in Solva’s calming charm.





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