There is possibly nothing better than an afternoon crabbing in Pembrokeshire with the kids on a sunny day. We say with the kids, but crabbing is an activity that spans generations. It will have children and grandparents alike rushing to and from the bucket and counting their haul. Here’s our guide to crabbing in Pembrokeshire!


What do I need?

All you need for a few hours of fun is a bucket, a crab line, and bait of your choice. Many of the shops around Pembrokeshire will sell no-hook crab lines. These include a bait bag and a weight to help your line get to where the crabs are! Your bucket should be filled with seawater. You can help to keep the crawly crustaceans at home with some pebbles and bits of seaweed. A net can be handy to get the crabs from line to bucket, but is not essential!


What bait should I use?

A favourite among seasoned crabbers is a piece of smoked bacon, as the nautical nippers seem to love it! Crabs have a fantastic sense of smell, and so are drawn to anything a little stinky. For this reason, fish scraps like a mackerel head work wonders too.


Where can I go crabbing?

Harboursides, quays and slipways are the best places to do a spot of crabbing in Pembrokeshire, but always check with the harbourmaster and they can recommend a spot where you won’t be in the way of boats. Make sure you check the tides, as you’ll need to be there over high tide so you have some water to work with!

It’s easy to get carried away while crabbing, and so it’s advisable to pop toddlers and young children into a life jacket and remain vigilant for anyone over-excited leaning over the edge of a harbour wall. We all love the fun that crabbing brings, but please respect the water and local sailors and fishermen who have right of way.


The Best Spots for Crabbing in Pembrokeshire

Solva Quay

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Solva Quay is the perfect place to while away an afternoon with your line and bucket. There are plenty of spots out of the way of the hustle and bustle of harbour life to base yourselves, and the crabs are a-plenty! The Cafe on the Quay is a great spot for a coffee break, and they also sell little pots of bacon for crab bait! Once you’re finished, head along the harbour to The Harbour Inn for a cold pint or 35 Main Street for incredible fish and chips by the river.

Please note that parking is not permitted on the quay. If you’re driving, park in the harbour car park and walk along the path to the quay.


Porthclais Harbour

Porthclais Harbour lies just over a mile outside St Davids. This gem is nestled away and is one of those places that seems to soak people up. It’s often peaceful even in summer months, with coast path walkers passing through and those who have come especially for ice cream or fantastic coffee from Porthclais Kiosk. Porthclais is great for crabbing from the slipway, and is also a favourite among local swimmers!

Please note that the slipway is used by local sailors and fisherman, so keep out of their way. Please wear a tow float when swimming in the harbour.


Porthgain Harbour

Porthgain is a tiny, bustling fishing village about a 15-minute drive from St Davids. Famed for its traditional coastal pub The Sloop as well as renowned The Shed Fish and Chip Bistro, this is a beautiful place to spend the day and enjoy the evening too. Find a suitable spot at high tide and enjoy a few hours crabbing before watching the sun go down from the harbour wall with a portion of fish and chips.

Please respect locals using the harbour.


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