Best Beach BBQ Spots near St Davids

best beach bbq spot near st davids


To help you on your beach bbq quest, we’ve put together a list of the best beach bbq spots near St Davids, as well as some handy hints to make your beachside feast a roaring success!




While it’s definitely the most well-known beach on the St Davids peninsula, Whitesands is the top spot for a beach bbq. Its long, sandy curve is supported by miles of elevated, grassy dunes, providing the perfect lookouts for picnics and barbecues. There are even picnic tables dotted along the front of the lifeguard station if you’re not a fan of sandy burgers! This stunning stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast path is only a mile or so from St Davids, and it really does have all the ingredients for a great day out, followed by a beach BBQ supper.




Beach BBQ Tip 1: Pick the right spot

Whitesands has plenty of shelter, which is perfect for lighting a barbecue.  Make sure you’re sheltered from direct wind and that the rain doesn’t dampen the flames.  Do be careful if you’re sheltering near cliffs that there’s no potential for rockfall, and if you’re taking to the dunes, make sure it’s only the sausages that you cremate, not the grass.


beach bbq sausages


Top Beach BBQ Spot 2: Newgale


This surfer’s paradise is an iconic pebble beach that acts as a picturesque gateway to North Pembrokeshire and the St Davids peninsula.  When you’ve finished your day surfing on this gorgeous beach then you’ll have worked up an appetite! Light the barbecue amongst the pebbles and gorge on locally sourced meat and beach-worthy nibbles.


Beach BBQ Tip 2: Check the weather forecast

It’s worth checking the weather forecast before setting off for a seaside supper.  This wild peninsula brings with it an unpredictable weather system straight off the Atlantic Ocean. Our beaches are famous for surfing due to this wild weather, which means in extreme weather, it’s not always ideal for a beach BBQ, and we wouldn’t want your hotdog to get soggy!


Top Beach BBQ Spot 3: Abermawr


It’s a twenty-minute drive north of St Davids, but well worth the effort for a delicious dinnertime. Like Newgale, Abermawr is a pebble beach, but unlike the bare wildness of Newgale, this beach BBQ spot is surrounded by woodland, with the beach revealing itself as a hidden gem through the trees. There’s plenty of shelter in this small cove and it’s usually less busy than the other beaches, giving you some privacy for your meal. Set up your barbecue, open a bottle of something interesting, and wait for the seals to start popping up to see what you’re having for supper!


whats on seal pup st davids escapes


Beach BBQ Tip 3: Meal prep for your BBQ

Many beaches like Abermawr are out of the way, so you’ll need to think about buying and preparing food before you leave. The butchers in St Davids sell excellent quality meat which you could prepare on skewers so that you wouldn’t need cutlery. Something Fishy in Solva offer locally caught and prepared fish which you can put straight on the BBQ.  For nibbly bits to go with your meal, we suggest you try the wonderful deli offerings at St Davids Food and Wine…the wine’s pretty good, too!



Top Beach BBQ Spot 4: Caerfai


This is the closest beach to the centre of St Davids and is a jaw-dropping spot for sunsets and views over St Bride’s Bay. From the city, walk out onto the cliffs and marvel at the red rock-lined beach below. At low tide, there’s plenty of flat rocks and little inlets that would shelter a BBQ nicely.  Enjoy a chargrilled feast surrounded by geological wonders in this peaceful, beautiful place.


Beach BBQ Tip 4: Be activity ready

It’s worth checking the tide times so that you know you have enough beach space to set up camp before the water cuts you off.  A low tide at Caerfai offers plenty of space for a family game of rounders, whereas at high tide you’d have to retreat to the rocks – no sandcastles then! Sea swimming is a very popular activity here, but again, check the tide times as the tide and weather can turn quickly.



For more activity ideas on the St Davids peninsula, take a look here.  Alternatively, take a look at our other lovely seaside locations here.

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