Pembrokeshire is the perfect destination for a holiday catching up with a group of friends or extended family. There’s something for everyone! It’s easy to choose to do your own thing by day and come together in the evening to share stories of your latest adventures. For those days when the whole group comes together, though, here are a few fantastic activities for groups in Pembrokeshire!


Get a thrill Coasteering

Pembrokeshire is often said to be the birthplace of coasteering. This wonderful way to experience the coast is perfect for a group activity. Book a half day adventure with TYF and experience laughs, thrills and commeraderie with your group!


Crabbing, Pembrokeshire

Go Crabbing

Whether you have children in your group, or simply want to embrace your inner child with a group of friends, crabbing is a fantastic way to spend a few hours! All you need is a crab line, a bucket and some bait, and off you go. Read our guide to all things crabbing here.


Pack a picnic and have a game of Rounders

Head to the beach for a day of chilling, playing and catching up. Either pack up a picnic, or pop in to St Davids Food & Wine‘s deli to pick up some goodies, and make for Whitesands. Spend the day playing rounders, building sandcastles and sharing food, for a beach day to remember.


book a Private Yoga Class

Find some peace and space with your group by booking a private yoga class with Bethany at the gorgeous Wild Yoga Studio! In summer months you can take it outside for yoga with views of the Pembrokeshire coast. It’s a great way to destress and have some calming fun on your group holiday.


Go out for lunch

Bring the group together for a lunchtime catch up on the morning’s activities in St Davids! Book a table at The Bishops for a cosy, dog friendly, something-for-everyone pub lunch. Perhaps follow it up with a stroll down to the Cathedral, a must-see on a holiday in Pembrokeshire.


St Davids Escape Room

There are two escape rooms located just outside St Davids that each provide an awesome group activity! Choose from a traditional indoor escape room or an outdoor low ropes escape, both with puzzles inspired by local landmarks. Depending on the size of your group you could split into two groups to battle it out for the fastest time, adding to the (friendly) competition!


have a surf lesson

There’s nothing like trying something new to bring a group together. Book a surf lesson with Ma Simes in St Davids and get ready for some of you learn a new skill, and others to have fun trying! You are sure to come away with plenty of stories to tell around the table that evening.


Walk on the coast path

A walk on the coast path with a large group is a brilliant way to catch up. As the path widens and narrows, you will find yourself walking next to different people at every turn. Walk ahead, hang back, discover little coves and reach your destination filled with the warm glow that comes with connecting with others in the most beautiful of places. Find our favourite pub walks in Pembrokeshire here!


Take a dip

Bring the whole group together by doing something that’s out of your comfort zone! Cold water dipping is a huge part of Pembrokeshire life for many, and there are many benefits to doing so, not least the friendships forged and strengthened in the morning. Always swim with others, preferably those familiar with the local swim spots. You can find the North Pembrokeshire Bluetits here.


Catch up over a takeaway

At the end of the day, however you have spent it, you will have lots to catch up on! Head back to your holiday cottage, get warm and cosy, and order takeaway pizzas from Grain. Gather around, dining on delicious craft pizza and sharing stories from your day on the Pembrokeshire coast.




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