There’s something truly magical about embracing the first light of day, especially when it’s accompanied by the sound of crashing waves and misty sea air. The team at St Davids Escapes recently met up with the wonderful Bethany from Wild Yoga Studio for an early morning yoga session on Whitesands Beach. This refreshing experience left us with rejuvenated spirits, a sense of tranquility, and we had a good few belly laughs along the way! If you are looking for a fantastic Pembrokeshire yoga experience during your visit, read on and be sure to check out Wild Yoga Studio.


A Wake Up Beach Yoga Session


We gathered on Whitesands Beach, made our way to a stretch of untouched sand and got settled on our mats. Bethany encouraged us to embrace the sand, as there is no way to do beach yoga without getting it all over you! The serenity of the morning, paired with the unspoiled beauty of the beach, set the stage for an unforgettable yoga experience.


Bethany, the heart and soul behind Wild Yoga Studio, exudes a contagious passion for both yoga and the great outdoors. With her warm smile, she effortlessly made us feel at ease. Bethany guided us through 45-minute wake-up flow that combined asanas, breath work, and a few playful wobbles on the sand!


Bethany’s joyful spirit and occasional lighthearted laughter created an atmosphere of camaraderie and positivity. Her instructions were clear and encouraging, allowing us to fully embrace each pose. It was a truly accessible flow, and with the experience within the group ranging from total beginner upwards, we each felt included and left feeling like we’d achieved something that morning.



Whitesands Beach, with its tranquil beauty, is an idyllic backdrop for an early morning yoga session. With the sound of waves as a soundtrack and the coolness of morning sand under our feet, it was a grounding, fun experience all round. A unique blend of mindfulness, movement, and laughter, this is a must-try for a revitalising start to your day.

If tides and conditions allow, there’s always the option of cooling off with a dip afterwards, allowing the cool water to further wake you up ready for a day of adventures on the Pembrokeshire coast!


About Wild Yoga Studio

Nestled in the heart of lower Solva, Wild Yoga Studio exudes warmth and charm. The studio offers a variety of classes throughout the week, including a delightful Yoga and Coffee Morning every Saturday. This is an ideal stop during a weekend getaway to Pembrokeshire! The studio’s intimate atmosphere fosters connections, making it a welcoming space for visitors and locals alike. Check out the schedule here. 




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