Our guide to the fantastic creatures on the shoreline

Rock pooling is a fantastic exploration the whole family can take part in.  Pembrokeshire is well known for it’s adventurous escapades that are on offer, but if you’ve got children who are as curious as can be, or you yourself fancy taking a look at what the vast rugged Pembrokeshire coast have hiding in their rock pools then we’ve compiled a list of what to look out for and how to make the most of your mini adventure.

It’s important to remember that you need to be considerate when searching through the rock pools as this is a home to some creatures of the sea.  So, if you’ve taken some of the creatures out of the pool, make sure you put them back after and ensure that you move rocks and stones carefully.

Pembrokeshire’s well regarded as having some of the best beaches the UK has to offer, and with that they have some incredibly fascinating habitants nestled neatly amongst the crevices of rock pools, caves and on the shoreline itself.


Here’s a list of some of the creatures you might come across.  Why not use it as a list and tick off what you have found?  Can you find all of them?




Sea Lettuce

Coral Weed

Purple Laver


Jelly Animals (Cnidarians)


Snakelocks Anemone

Beadlet Anemone

Dahlia Anemone


Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns and Barnacles


Edible Crab


Hermit Crab

Sea Slater

Broad-Claw Porcelain Crab





Breadcrumb Sponge

Orange Sponge

Purse Sponge


Snails and Sea Shells






Purple Top Shell


Spiney-Skinned Animals


Shore Urchin

Common Starfish

Common Brittlestar


Have you thought about making your own goggle box?  This is a great way of checking out what’s under the water’s surface with ease and they’re simple to make too! All you need is a plastic bottle (2 litre one would be best), a clear plastic bag and a rubber band.  Cut the top and bottom of the bottle off carefully and pop the clear plastic bag over one end and secure it with the rubber band.  Place the plastic bag end into the water and watch the curious adventures unfold beneath it, but remember, you have to be patient and quiet for a few minutes before you’ll start spotting the rock pool wilderness at its best.


The Pembrokeshire coast is an astonishing part of the UK and is full of intensely awe inspiring landscapes, views, natural wonderments and a variety of different activities that the whole family can enjoy.  Although a fast paced, adrenalin fuelled adventures are great, the slower days with picnics, a sunny haze and hours of meandering across the stretches of paradise are also sought after, and where memories can be created that will instil in your heart forever.  Make sure you spend some quality time with your friends and family by slowing down the pace and drinking in the awesome surroundings only Pembrokeshire can offer before planning your next action packed venture.


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