Slow travel is a way of travelling that emphasises connection. Be that connection with your surroundings, the local culture, people or simply yourself. When we slow down and savour the moments along the way, we can form deeper, lasting connections to the places, things and people we visit. Here are some ways to embrace slow travel in Pembrokeshire.


St Davids Wales

Step into history

The culture in St Davids is steeped in history, and immersing yourself in that for an afternoon is a wonderful way to connect with life on this peninsula. Walk down the winding streets in St Davids to St Davids Cathedral and the Bishops Palace next door. As soon as you enter the Cathedral you will feel the peace wash over you. Take time to explore, paying particular attention to the details like stunning ceilings and ancient statues.


Watch the world go by

To get to know the rhythm of Pembrokeshire life, slow down and observe it. In the peaceful yet often bustling harbour village of Solva, pick up a coffee and breakfast bap from Mamgu Welshcakes and wander to the quay. Take a seat at a bench and enjoy your delicious breakfast while watching the morning unfold. There will be swimmers there for their daily dip, fisherfolk taking to the seas and dog walkers on their usual rounds. You may find you absorb the slow pace of life in the way you go about your day afterwards.


Enjoy the journey

When it comes to slow travel, it’s very rarely about where you’re going, rather about the journey to get there. This is never truer than when on the Pembrokeshire coast path. Often, the most special moments on the path are the unexpected ones. When you turn a corner and the light has caught the sea to make it appear liquid gold, or you see a seal calling from below or a bird swooping down to dive for it’s dinner. There are many magical sights to be seen on the Pembrokeshire coast path, when you slow down enough to look for them.


Take it all in

If you fancy exploring the wider peninsula, why not swap the quick convenience of your car for a slower bike ride? Hire a bike (electric ones are available too!) from TYF Adventure and set off for a steady ride. On your way you’ll notice the stunning mix of colours in hedgerows, the lesser heard sounds of the countryside and have more chances to connect with your companions on the way.


Make time for you

Slow travel is as much about reconnecting with yourself as it is anything else. Slow down and take time for some real self care during your stay in Pembrokeshire. Have a massage or reflexology at Menevia Spa in St Davids, making sure to book some time in their bath house for the ultimate slow afternoon. In Solva you will find the Wild Yoga Studio, a lovely little haven where a Calming Yoga class will have you slowed down and relaxed for days afterwards.


Stay a bit longer

While we love a 2 night break, when it comes to slow travel, it can help to have more time in one place. A week gives plenty of time to slow down, chill out and see some sights. You will leave feeling like you have really and truly connected with somewhere new. We have a feeling that after a week of slow travel in Pembrokeshire, you just might keep coming back.



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