Pembrokeshire is the destination for all sorts of outdoor activities. While there’s always time for cosying up and gentle exploring, a holiday here is an opportunity to try something new. Get your heart racing with adrenaline-fuelled activities like coasteering, or lose yourself in the rhythm of the sea under you as you catch your supper. Here are some of our favourite activities in Pembrokeshire.


Sea Kayaking

Kayaking is a unique, awesome way to take in the Pembrokeshire coast. When you are with a great guide and a fun group, there’s no better way to spend a day than popping in and out of caves and gullies inaccessible to bigger vessels. Check out MUUK Adventure for guided kayak trips.



With not much to break up the expanse of water between us and America, waves have plenty of time to build into the awesome swell that shapes the dramatic Pembrokeshire coastline and allows our surf scene to flourish. Whitesands, only a couple of miles from St Davids, is a favourite among local surfers and visitors alike. Ma Simes Surf School is one of the longest-running in the area, so get in touch with them for some pointers!



Pembrokeshire is often heralded as the birthplace of coasteering, which involves exploring the coastline by swimming, jumping, and climbing your way around the base of cliffs. It can be an adrenaline rush if you choose to push your limits by taking on the bigger jumps, and if you’re after a more gentle experience there are plenty of easier stretches to ease yourself into this fantastic activity. Head to Celtic Quest Coasteering to learn more and book a trip.



You may have worked up an appetite after a day adventuring around the coast, so it’s time for dinner! The St Davids Peninsula is bursting with flora that can be cooked up to elevate other ingredients, or even be the feature of a dish itself. To learn what to pick and what to avoid, book a foraging experience with Coastal Foraging With Craig. From seaweed to meadowsweet, you’ll have this ancient skill perfected in no time!



The Pembrokeshire coast path is 186 miles of breathtaking views and fascinating wildlife. Whichever stretch you decide to do, whether it’s a half an hour stroll to the pub or a day-long hike with a picnic on your back, you will fall in love with this part of the world. Watch as birds dive, seal pups call and the swell does its thing all the way out to the horizon.



The St Davids Peninsula has so many different areas that are worth a visit, and exploring on a bike is the perfect way to see as many of them as you’d like to. With quieter back roads as an option to get almost everywhere, you will discover little treasures along the way as well as enjoying the ride. If you bring your own bike and need some help, BEIC is a brilliant cycle shop in St Davids. Alternatively, if you’d like to hire, head to TYF Adventure.

St Davids City Golf Course


Golf is a wonderful way to switch off and relax while having fun with loved ones, or to get some alone time. It’s all the better when it comes with a view! St Davids Golf Course sits just above Whitesands beach, with beautiful views out across the bay. The perfect way to wile away an afternoon on the Pembrokeshire coast.


Horse Riding

If you’re staying in St Davids, a day out horse riding with a guide is a great way to see a different part of Pembrokeshire. Drive up the coast to the town of Newport, where those who prefer to keep two feet firmly on the ground can enjoy the shops, cafes and pubs that line the road, while the riders can head to Havard Stables. You will trek up the mountain to take in incredible views of this rugged part of the Pembrokeshire coast, and come back to your holiday cottage in St Davids with plenty of stories to tell.


Paddle Boarding

With two beautiful harbours within easy reach of St Davids, you don’t have to wait for the swell to die down to try stand-up paddleboarding for the first time. There will be plenty of wobbling and some falling in to start with, so prepare for lots of giggles! Once you have got the hang of it though, it is a gentle and mindful way to get out on the water and have an adventure. TYF Adventure runs paddleboarding experiences that you can even take your dog along on too!



Get the full coastal experience by catching your own dinner for the BBQ later on with a fishing trip! Whether you’re an experienced angler and want to see what our seas have to offer, or a total novice keen to learn, Blue Shark Charters are the people to go with. They have the only dedicated fishing vessel that runs from St Justinians and can cater to all abilities. From a 1.5-hour mackerel excursion to a full day of deep-sea fishing, you’re guaranteed to have fun!




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